Recap from this week in the Shadowhunter Fandom – Week 1 of filming #Shadowhunters episode 1 – ‘The Mortal Cup’

This was a very busy week in the fandom as they started filming the Shadowhunters TV show this week. Below are some of the important things that we learnt about in fandom, including behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from the set, casting news, book cover releases and new snippets.



We started off the morning with some book news! The Magesterium Series, which is co-written by Cassie and her friend (and awesome author) Holly Black – got some new covers for us UK based fans! Have a look at them below!

We also got this information about the early drafts of The Infernal Devices that made me really wish I could read those drafts

The fandom then got quickly excited as Monday was the start of filming on the Shadowhunters TV Show, which is super exciting for both fans and cast!

We got some casting news, Sofia Wells was cast as young Clary – used for any flashbacks that will be used in the show! You can check out her our post about it here and check out the tweet below between our own Eilidh (TMIScotland) and Cassie!

Below are some tweets, videos and pictures from both cast and crew on Monday behind the scene and on set!

Kat shared this video when she woke up (HOW SWEET?!):

Ed Decter shared this of Clary (Kat McNamara):

And one of Clary and Magnus from McG:

Heres another Kat and Harry picture:

Alan Van Sprang (Valentine) teases us with a picture of his script!

We then got another look at Kat and Harry with Isaiah (Luke)

Alan was amazing and took this awesome selfie

We got this cute picture of Emeraude and McG

Alberto shared these awesome photobooth pictures of himself, Katherine, Luke and Harry.

Here are some of the pictures we got from Harry Shum Jr’s snapchat too!

So all in all, a very eventful Monday… now onto Tuesday!



So on the second day of filming we got a few more pictures from the cast:

Cassandra Clare shared this close up of Kat’s green eyes:

and talked about comic con’s in USA:

She also shared this line from a new Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy:

and is confirmed to be going to YALC on Saturday (but we already kind of knew this!)

We get a sneak peak from filming (and on Wednesday Cassie confirmed this is ‘Dot’ – so Dorothea)

We also get this picture of Jocelyn

Alan wins at fandom again

How perfect is Harry’s Magnus style hair here?? Also, can you see the runes in the background?

Sofia Wells who will be playing young Clary Fray dyed her hair to prepare for filming

And also shared this adorable video


Well! Wednesday was the 1 year milestone since City of Heavenly Fire came out (still not over it!!), happy birthday City of Heavenly Fire – you’re still my baby!

Kat and Maxim posted these adorable snaps of them on set today! Love seeing our mother and daughter together! How adorable are they?

We also got a good glimpse at what Harry was going to look like as Magnus, take a look below!

And to add to this… we got a little bit of Malec in our lives 😉

We found out who will be playing ‘Dot’ in the TV show:

Here is McG watching the monitors:


Ed Decter on social media in front of the monitors:

Our first look at Magnus on the screen:

Isabelle in disguise during the Pandemonium scene:

Two Clary’s!

MTV used my tweet in one of their posts! Go check it out here:

Here’s what Harry had to say at the end of the shoot:

We got our first glimpse of Malec:

And the Jamily fandom went crazy over this picture of Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower:

Life works in mysterious ways…

A post shared by Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins) on


They were giving out exclusive chapters of The Dark Artifices: Lady Midnight at the BookExpo and the whole fandom was jealous:

The fandom died when McG posted the first picture of Magnus and Alec together (Malec)

Our first look at Dominic on set with Katherine, Alberto and Isaiah:

Alan wins at fandom again:

They started filming a scene at Java Jones (look closely at Alberto/Simon’s T-Shirt):

We welcomed Jon Cor to the fandom who has joined to portray Hodge in the TV show:

and Cassie answered some fans confusion over Jon’s age:

McG shared this picture of 3 of our favourite characters – Simon (Alberto), Clary (Katherine), and Jace (Dom):

Alberto on the guitar at Java Jones:


McG also shared a little video of Clary and Simon singing together. He later deleted it but we luckily saved it:

Maxim ‘Jocelyn’ Roy also shared this behind-the-scenes picture at Java Jones:

Our fist look at Alec and Isabelle in costume together. I believe this is from the Pandemonium shoot as Emeraude is wearing the same outfit as she did for that scene (minus the wig):

A look at the Pandemonium sign:

I loved this tweet:

And here is our first look at Dominic as Jace in the show!

Matthew ‘Alec’ Daddario shared a BTS look at Pandemonium:


Fans joined together to try to explain to the writers that we wanted Izzy to have her ruby pendant in the show:

And we got it trending in some parts of the world:

Stephan who works on the VFX department noticed it:

Alan ‘Valentine’ Van Sprang started his first day of filming:

And was joined by Maxim ‘Jocelyn’ Roy. I suspect they were filming some flashbacks:

Sofia ‘Young Clary Fray’ Wells was also on set – probably also filming flashbacks with Maxim:

They were also joined by Harry ‘Magnus’ Shum Jr.

And squeezed into small gaps:

Fitting in.

A post shared by Harry Shum Jr (@harryshumjr) on

Harry expressed how tired he was after the shoot in this video from SnapChat:


Alberto shared this funny moment of Dom:

after that fun picture the fandom became a bit more sad as someone upset Cassandra Clare:

But the fandom pulled together to cheer her up:

And to say thank you she shared a snippet from the 9th novella in the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy series – Born to Endless Night. You can read the snippet HERE


Ed Decter (showrunner of Shadowhunters) shared a picture of their DIT – I believe that the scenes in the picture are from the Pandemonium shoot:

McG shared a picture of Kat:

And Harry:

We found a new crew member to follow:

Next week will be more filming of Shadowhunters episode 1 – The Mortal Cup. Make sure you keep an eye on us on Twitter – @TMI_TID_UK and @TMIScotland – and on this blog – British Nephilim – for all the latest news.


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