The cast from Shadowhunters played a couple of games of Werewolf last night and shared with us on Periscope

I expect you have all see the pictures from last nights periscope session where some of the cast from the TV show Shadowhunters were hanging out and playing a game called Werewolf.

Well if you didn’t catch the live stream or have access to periscope at all then check out the video below.

The cast member that were in attendance was Harry (Magnus), Alan (Valentine), Alberto (Simon), Dom (Jace), Katherine (Clary), Matthew (Alec), Isaiah (Luke) and also Alan’s son Logan.

Here is part 1 when they failed to link it up to Twitter:

Here is the main video (part 2) where they play 2 games of Werewolf:

Thank you @TMIBane for the videos that were uploaded to YouTube.

If you are interested in the game then I think this is the one that they are playing:

One Night Ultimate Werewolf


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