Casting News and Video: Another beautiful actor joins the cast of ‘Shadowhunters’ to play Meliorn. Welcome Jade Hassouné.

Jade Hassoune 2Well firstly can I just say that this fandom is the luckiest fandom ever. Not only did we get an amazing cast from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie, but we also have the hottest TV show cast around!

Shadowhunters has added a new cast member to their hottie list, welcome Jade Hassouné to the fandom.

Jade will be playing the role of Meliorn in the TV series based on Cassandra Clare’s novels The Mortal Instruments.

ABC Family had this to say about the character:

Meliorn, a handsome and elegant fairy, also known as a Seelie, is a creature that is equal parts angel and demon.

Meliorn first appears in City of Ashes (book two of the series) but as we have seen from previous castings, ABC Family are bringing forward a few of those characters and introducing them early.

You may recognise Jade Hassouné from ABC Family’s Cyberbully as well as appearing in Heartland as Prince Ahmed Al Saeed.

You can watch his quick video to the fandom below:


Shadowhunters will air in 2016 on ABC Family.


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