CASTING NEWS: Welcome to Nicola Correia Damude who has been cast as Maryse Lightwood!

Some more casting news for you Shadowhunters, Nicola Correia Damude has been cast as Maryse Lightwood in ShadowhuntersTV!

Now, we did wonder… doesn’t Maryse show up until the second book? She sure does, however we are excited to see what the writers and crew will do with her character in the show.

As we know, Maryse is the mother of Alec and Isabelle (and Max – who hasn’t been cast yet) – played by Matthew Daddario and Emeraude Toubia.


Above you can see Cassandra Jean’s drawing of Maryse, alongside a picture of Nicola – doesn’t she look the part?

We can’t wait to see what Nicola brings to her character and the show!

You can follow Nicola here and make sure to send her a warming welcome to the Shadowhunters Family!


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