UK Shadowhunter write up: Day 1 at Waterstones with Cassandra Clare and Mila Fürstová

At the weekend Cassandra Clare was in London and took part in a couple of events to celebrate the release of the new The Mortal Instruments books with the new covers and meet fans.

Cassie kicked off the weekend on the Friday 17th July at Waterstones where she was joined by the artist of the new covers Mila Fürstová as well the co-author of the The Bane Chronicles and Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy Sarah Rees Brennan.

You can watch the full video below:

I think this may have been one of the best events of Cassandra Clare’s that I’ve been to. One of the reasons for this was finding out more about how the covers were created and the process that Mila went through to create them. Check out the plate that she made for the City of Ashes cover:

After the talk was the signing which was again fantastic as we were able to have a great talk with the guests and Eilidh took the chance to plead with Cassie and Sarah to make sure that they didn’t kill off George Lovelace because he’s Scottish!

Here’s a few other pictures from the event:

Thank you to Cassie, Mila, Sarah, Walker Books and Waterstones for making the night a very memorable one. It was the first Cassie event I have been to with my parabatai, Eilidh, and was so much fun to be with her listening to the woman the brought us together!

Check out our post tomorrow where we will talk about all the events on Saturday and also have a chance to enter our worldwide giveaway!

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