Official First Trailer for ‘Shadowhunters’ Just Dropped!

Hi Shadowhunters! I hope you’re all well!

Firstly apologies for being so out of the loop recently, we’ve both been too busy to keep up as of late but luckily we are back now!

Secondly, and more importantly… ShadowhuntersTV just dropped the first official trailer today… and you can watch it right here!

You can see the original post on Buzzfeed, or you can watch the trailer live below. Thank you to @maumorgenstern on Twitter for linking us a YouTube link!

Make sure to leave a comment below about what you think of the trailer, and also tweet us what you think over at @TMIScotland and @TMI_TID_UK

At British Nephilim, we are trying to keep our feelings for the books we first fell in love with and the TV Show. And I can wholeheartedly say that I am impressed with what they have done with the trailer, and hopefully the rest of the TV Show. The Special FX are amazing, the actors seem connected to their characters, and there even is a good bit of humour in there.

I’m looking forward to see what comes up the rest of the weekend at NYCC!


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