Video: Exclusive footage from Shadowhunters TV is now online! GO GO GO!

Earlier today fans at NYCC got to see an exclusive clip of Shadowhunters before the panel began and it is now online!

The sneak peak first opens to Alec, Jace and Izzy following a demon into Pandemonium when Jace runs into Clary and is shocked when she sees him. Then we get our first look at Simon and Maureen (Simon’s girlfriend and bandmate in the show) who follow Clary into the venue. Inside the venue we see that Magnus owns Pandemonium and isn’t happy that Pangborn and Blackwell are there. Jace then finds the demon the followed in and asks why she is collecting Mundane blood. Clary see’s that Jace with his seraph blade and runs and pushes the demon out the way so she doesn’t get hurt but Jace pushes Clary aside and kills the demon. Izzy gets out her whip and starts fighting some other demons while Clary picks up Jace’s blade which also works for her because she’s a Shadowhunter and kills a demon herself. Alec and Jace use their parabatai relationship to kills some demon’s together and Clary runs away but straight into Magnus who she recongises but doesn’t know why. Clary then leaves the club and gets into a cab on her own but Pangborn and Blackwell see her leave.

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments or on twitter!


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