UK Shadowhunters convention coming March 2017!!

We have some very exciting news for UK Shadowhunter fans!

A very popular and successful convention team, Rogue Events, have announced that they will be holding a Shadowhunters convention between 3rd – 5th March 2017!

Rogue Events hold lots of different fandom conventions from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Heroes to Supernatutral to teen wolf and more! They have got some great guests in the past.

So fingers crossed they will also get some great guests for their Shadowhunter event!

Their events are usually held in London or Birmingham.

We don’t have any more information on guests at this moment in time, however the more tickets they sell when they do go on sale, the better the guests they can usually get to come.

When we have more information we will share with you all!

Time to start saving as tickets are likely to be over the £100 mark!


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