Competition: Win Lady Midnight and The Shadowhunter’s Codex signed by Cassandra Clare and Joshua Lewis!

Want to win a copy of Lady Midnight (Waterstones edition) signed by Cassandra Clare and a copy of The Shadowhunter’s Codex signed by Cassie and her husband and co-writer of the Codex, Joshua Lewis?

Well here is your chance.

I have 1 copy of each signed when Cassie was last touring the UK earlier this year and I am going to give them away to one lucky fan.

For a chance to win all you have to do is tell us why you love Cassandra Clare’s books in the comments below. Simple. I bet you all have at least 5 reasons but you only need to tell us at least 1!

Also, the competition is open worldwide!

Good luck!




Terms & Conditions:
Competition closes midnight 31st October 2016
1 entry per person allowed. If you post more than once your name will only be counted once.
Competition is open worldwide.
We are not liable for any loss or damage to the prize once it has been dropped off at post office.
Winner will be chosen at random using an online competition winner generator.
Winner will be contacted via email. Winner has 7 days to reply before they forfeit the prize and I pick someone else.


32 replies

  1. Hi! ok I am ready so my reasons for loving the Cassandra Clare books are:
    1) amazing and relatable characters. Helped me keep moving forward even through my depression. The conection I have with the characters made my day 100% better.
    2) first contact with LGBTQ+ characters in literature which helped me figure out who I am and my sexuality (I am happy finally to know that).
    3) Alec Lightwood is so relatable to me and knowing the existance of this character made me so happy.
    4) Her books push me to write my own stories and now I can’t stop.
    and more I love the books

  2. 1. her writing is amazing.
    2. fantastic characters. i fell so hard for will herondale. he is my book boyfriend number one.
    3. i love the shadowhunters world. there are so many interesting things.
    4. i love black clothes. (Shadowhunters Looking Better in Black Than the Widows of our Enemies Since 1234). 😉
    5. I met so many people through her books.

  3. Goodness this is a difficult question!
    Cassie has had such a huge impact in not only the way I read but me as a person; her words truly resonate within my daily life.
    She made me understand that we (humans) have all got a little bit of badass in us, even people like me who have never been able to run the length of a track before without looking like I’ve just came out of a sauna. Now when my P.E teacher cruelly declares that it’s athletics week, I both moan like a petulant child and think ‘izzy would’ve done that track in seconds! Get on with it!’.
    She also introduced me completely to the Young Adult Fiction genre; I was in that awkward stage where I didn’t know if there was any books for my age, I always thought there was kids books or adult books. So imagine my mind blown as I discovered a group of similar books that called themselves YA- crazy! It’s hard to think that I once lived in a world where I didn’t think I had anything to read, if not for Cassie I wonder if I would be able to call myself a reader today.
    Diversity is also a major part why I rank her writing so highly, despite what anyone says about Cassie’s books they can’t deny that her cast of characters are a variety of nationalities and sexual orientations. Alec lightwood, he is a fantastic example of Cassie’s diverse characters- being a gay man in a world where this is potentially looked down upon further than ours today and learning to accept himself despite that, makes him a truly important represtitive for LGBT in YA.
    And finally, Cassie has given me a family of the most amazing, inspiring and loveable characters I could ever hope for. They are there for me no matter what, they will never stop being a stable rock in my life and because of that I will never be able to thank Cassie enough for the support she has unknowingly provided through really rough times.

    Sorry for the rambling there! I’m just a really big fan of Cassie’a work and love to let people know how much of an influence she is on me. Thank you!

  4. There is a million reasons why i love Cassandra Clare’s books. MALEC 😍 i don’t need to explain more. All the badass characters she creates especially the woman which is amazing. The books are written in a spectacular way. All the places she creates that will leave your imagination running wild, and also all the ordinary places that exists that she gives an extraordinary feeling to.

  5. there are a lot of reasons why I love Cassandra, but the one that I thank her for is that because of her books I began to read. she opened my eyes to the world of books and im eternally grateful of her for that. Her way of writing and her character development really satisfice the eye and compels you to read more

  6. I absolutely adore Cassandra Clare’s books
    1) She makes the most amazing worlds within our own. From describing Clary seeing a demon being killed for the first time, to her first glimpse at the Institute.
    2) Her characters are so believable and fans of these books can relate to each and every character and their flaws.
    3) I have met so many amazing fans through Cassandra and her books. I’ve actually met a group of the bestest friends I could ever had who join in with my craziness and dress as the characters from the books!
    4) Cassandra herself loves to interact with her fans over social media where possible. Oh and she posts the best teasers for her books.
    5) Everyone of her books I have read have left me excited for the next story that follows.

  7. yes, that’s true. there are plenty of reasons why i love cassandra clare’s books and that they mean a lot to me. it’s because the characters’ characteristics in cassandra’s books are clearly detailed out. no one has the exact same attitude as the other. and the diversity of the chaacters are satisfying because there are asian people in it, dark skinned people, white skinned people, gay people, and all of these things are so important as for all people need to know that indeed all lives matter. that is all, thank you.

  8. There are many reason I love Cassandra Clare’s books. The biggest reason I would have to say, it that I found them at a time when I had very little to make to smile about, they in my eyes saved. Then the second reason is that they made me fall in love with reading.

  9. The reason I love Cassandra Clare’s books is that her books is the only book series I read all the way through without stopping. Both her book series ID and TMI had me hooked on the first paragraph! I normally will start to read a book and get bored with it before I even get half way through it, but Cassandra Clare’s book kept me interested until the very end and after that I was begging for more. Her writing is not only incredibly realistic, but the characters personalities are well written. I can not wait for the next book to come out. I am patiently waiting. Happy reading!!

  10. Difficult question. I think I love Cassandra Clares books so much, b/c they helped me so much in the last year. Lasst year I had two surgeries and my girlfriend left me 6 weeks before our wedding. I was really depressed. Per accident I found the audiobook from City of Bones. After I heard the story from the first book, I felt better. And I started to read the series.
    I really love Alec as a character (in fact my name is Alexander too :D) like him I try to be confortable in my skin. Since I started reading the books the things in my life get better. I got the parabatai,fearless and a part from the bind to rune as a tattoo with symbols for my fav characters.

    Funfact: my flatmate is always complaining about my huge book collection (i have 4 complete series from TMI,3 TID, and much more. I really like the different covers)

  11. I really love Cassandra Clares books, b/c they helped me so much. My last year was really bad, I had two surgeries and my girlfriend left me 6 weeks before our wedding. So I was really depressed. By accident I found the audiobook from CoB – and I spend a complete day hearing the books. Some days later I lend the book from a friend and start reading. And I fall in love with the storyline. (I loves storys about demons since Buffy the Vampire Slayer).
    I really like Alec as a character – he’s a bit like me, (haha my name is also Alexander XD) like him I also had trouble with feeling unconfortable in my skin, But it get’s better

  12. Her books are just so amazing… They helped me get into reading after I had a couple of rough years. These characters felt so real to me and they will always have a special place in my heart.

  13. There’s no one reason why I love her books, and I could go on about the amazing characters and storyline and relationships, but the main thing that I love about these stories, as I have made made amazing friends though our mutral love. To think that I would never have these relationships without CC books is crazy.

  14. The first time I had heard about Cassandra Clare’s books was in the library at school. Her books were the first books I read completely (that were over 50 pages long and weren’t school related). The Mortal Instruments started my reading addiction and I love it. And because of reading them I met people who had read and enjoyed her books and through discussing the books I gained many friends that I am so very very grateful to have. The books are so amazing and I can easily submerge myself into them and lose track of time (they helped a lot on long car drives). I love all the characters and their personalities. Very well written. I can’t wait for the next edition to her books!

  15. There are a lot of reasons why I love Cassie’s books, but I’ll try to name a few…
    – she’s such a great writer, I just can’t stop reading once I started
    – I love how she created these characters that seems so real and reliable
    – I love the way powerfull woman take important roles in the stories, and how lgbt community is represented
    – MALEC, SIZZY, CLACE… just saying. 😍 I love every single ship.
    – This world is so beautiful and peaceful for me (even when the shadowhunters spend every single minute trying to stop Valentine or Camille or Sebastian…)
    – The books helped me in a rough moment of my life and connected me with someone I can say that is my best friend
    – The excitement I feel every time I grab one of Cassie’s books is indescribable, it’s just magic
    – I can read and re-read the books so many times I lose count, and I enjoy them every single time
    – The way the stories are developed, so carefully done, I just love that
    – Also how everything and everyone gets a closure at the end of a series
    – The end of TMI!! It was better than I expected, I really enjoyed that book (it also made me suffer, so much pain…)
    – I can’t think of anything else, but I really love the series and the shadowhunters… Jem, Will and Tessa… Clary, Jace, Magnus, Alec, Izzy and Simon… (I’d be in trouble if I had to choose a favorite character oh my god)

    I hope I can get the books, good luck to everyone!

    P.S. I’m from Argentina and I didn’t use the translator so I’m sorry if I made a mistake with any word or expression lol

  16. Cassandra’s books have this amazing impact of how I look at life situations. The characters are so realistic yet magical I melt into them and know exactly how they feel, it would be really hard to choose a favorite. There are so many reasons for loving her books but so hard to put into words. The story sucks you right in and it feels like you are right there standing beside your favorite character in action . The detail builds you a very clear image of the scene.I am seriously addicted to her books and I am suffering from a serious condition of Cassandra Clare bookaphobia (the fear of not having enough Cassandra Clare books).Can’t wait for the next books. Good luck!
    Writers keep on writing

  17. Cassandra’s books are so amazing they suck you in and make you feel you are in the story beside your favorite character in action .The characters are so real yet magical , it is impossible to choose a favorite for me. I am really addicted to her books and have a serious condition of Cassandra Clare bookaphobia (the fear of not having enough Cassandra Clare books). Can’t wait for the next ones. Good luck
    Writers keep on writing

  18. The short answer is she inspires me, she made me believe the world is better than it seems all you have to do is look a little closer.

  19. When the books came out it was simply put new shit to have a non-heterosexual relationship just blending in naturally into a completely different story. not only but also for this genre. I was already out and proud “back then” but it made me happy to feel represented in somewhat mainstream media – be it a book. it’s the same reason why I am happy about the show even if I might not be part of their specific demographics anymore. 😉 I celebrate every LGBTQIA+-representation on mainstream media that goes beyond the “sassy gay guy” and I think Cassie paved some of the way for it. that’s why I love her and her books.
    the underlying plot per se is not brandnew (you’re a wizard, harry!/you’re a shadowhunter, clary etc.) but what she made of it is beautiful.

  20. I love the Shadowhunters books because it’s a world I really like and it’s a book that made me love all the characters not necessarily one like the other books plus my best friend reads them too so we are doing it together.p.s. there is malec hahah

  21. I love her books because I love fantasy genre and she also sets the infernal devices in victorian era! I like that era!!! Besides her books are mostly interconnected, mortal instruments, infernal devices and the new dark artifacts are of the same universe, make me feel like I’m exploring a whole new hidden world when reading them. AND, it the characters have the right amount of sass.

  22. Actually I would write about why I like cassie’s writin but I’m only going to give you a selected few
    1)her writng(she hasthis special type of writing which makes you belive in the shadow world and love to be part of it which inspires you to become a charecter yourself and start writing lots of fanfics)
    2)I love her charecters
    3)I love tke way she always make the main charecters have a love for arts especially books
    4)I loooooooooooove her creativity
    5)And it also taught me how the world canbe ugly behind it’s glamours

  23. These books have been very special for me and my daughter, she was only 11 when she saw the movie but was left wanting more so when I found the books I was unsure if they would be suitable for her. I decided to read ahead of her to approve the material was suitable. I ended up falling in love with the books myself and has given us endless pleasure discussing the books between us. Thank you Cassandra Clare you don’t know how much joy your books have brought us X X X .

  24. It’s so hard to put into words why Cassandra Clare’s books mean the world to me. I remember first reading them nearly two years ago, I started with the mortal instruments (and since then have devoured every shadowhunter book that has been written and unconditionally loved every one of them) and I remember sinking into the books and feeling the rest of the world dissolve around me- nothing else existed in that moment but me and the shadow world. I laughed with the characters, cried with them and most importantly, fell in love with them, with their deepest thoughts. In reading these books, I found my own little safe haven, somewhere I could escape to when for a little while I didn’t want to deal with my own life but instead witness the characters go through their own problems, get past their own fears and in the end when they always overcame whatever barriers they faced, I knew that somehow, I would too. So for me, the shadowhunter chronicles aren’t just books, they’re an escape, a way to slip into someone else’s skin, a way to have an adventure. And for that, I will never be able to thank Cassie enough for creating them

  25. Omg these books are everything to me! I must confess I discovered them quite late, they were about tu publish the 3rd one in Spain, and I remember I read the first 2 in less than 2 days!! Was a complete obsession that is still on… I love the way Cassandra writes, how she expresses feelings that can help us feel connected with someone… And also, the characters and the way they are developed is amazing!!!!!

  26. I have a lot of anxiety and whenever I feel like I’m about to have a panick attack or if I am feeling really anxious I just pretend like I am clary or tessa or one of the characters in her books. That has really helped me with me issues and I don’t feel as anxious anymore. In school we were supposed to have a presentation in front of the whole class about our favourite author, and because of my anxiety I really didn’t want to stand in front of the whole class talking about Cassandra Clare and books that are so personal to me, but I just thought “what would clary do?” And I acted like clary and I didn’t feel as anxious. I got an A which is absolutely crazy! Cassandra Clare’s books were the books that made me start to love reading. After finding out how amazing reading could be I never stopped! Reading is my safe place if that makes sense. Whenever I am feeling sad or tired or just feeling bad in general I read to disappear into this whole other world and then I don’t feel bad anymore. Cassandra gave me this gift and she is the reason why I haven’t completely lost my mind yet. Cassandra Clare will always be my favourite author and I am so grateful that she is alive and that she made these books.

  27. I love Cassie’s books because she brings magic into my life. Her writing makes me forget I’m reading, it’s like I’m there with the characters, one more shadowhunter living adventures with friends. I have learned so much about others and about myself by reading these books, I cannot imagine who would I be without them.

  28. I love Shadowhunter books because they show me a whole new world of action adventure that I couldn’t know in any other way. They have taught me to love, live and endure tough times. Cassie’s amazing writing feed my imagination and inspire me to be better, to try harder, to be kinder.

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