Clary Fray

Clary Fray is the heroine in The Mortal Instruments series.

She is physically described as being a small, red-headed, 15 year-old girl who has green eyes. Clary’s personality throughout the books changes, but she is stubborn as well as being a very caring person, especially for the ones she loves. Clary is an artist, like her mother, Jocelyn and her best friend is Simon Lewis.

Clary is often described as having a bad temper, and she tends to go into things head-first without thoroughly thinking things through. Because she is short, other characters become shocked when she gets angry, or comes up with good ideas.


In the film, Clary is played by the beautiful Lily Collins.



Clary is introduced to the Shadowhunter World by Jace Wayland, Isabelle Lightwood and Alec Lightwood. The 3 of them are called Shadowhunters, and little does Clary know that she is one of them too. Her mother hid her from the Shadowhunter World, unbeknown to Clary, and her mother is taken captive by the illusive Valentine Morgenstern.

Clary and Simon, her best friend, team up with the group of Shadowhunters to help save Clary’s mother. To figure out why Clary couldn’t see the Shadow World until recently, Jace takes her to the Silent Brothers, a brotherhood of Shadowhunters, who can see into her mind. There, the brothers find a name, Magnus Bane. The group find that he is the High Warlock of Brooklyn, and Izzy happens to come across an invitation to one of his parties. There, it is discovered that Clary’s mother, Jocelyn, went to Magnus every 2 years to prevent Clary from seeing the Shadow World. It is also discovered that Jocelyn is a Shadowhunter herself.

Clary and Jace become closer, and they end up falling for each other.


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