Jace Wayland

Jace Wayland is the lead male role in the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Jace is described as being very good-looking (and he knows it) with fine, wavy blond hair and golden eyes. He is estimated to be around 5″11 in height. He grew up believing his parents to be dead, and grew up in the New York Institute alongside the Lightwood Family. There, he became parabatai with Alec Lightwood, and very close with his sister, Isabelle and younger brother, Max.


In the film, Jace is played by Jamie Campbell Bower. Jamie was one of the last people to audition for the role of Jace as many actors didn’t fit the role perfectly, and as both Cassie and Lily have said, Jamie came in, auditioned for the part and was Jace.


Above is a still from the movie containing Jamie as Jace, and also Isabelle and Alec Lightwood.

Jace is a very arrogant boy, who knows he is good looking (look at Jamie, no wonder). He is shocked to discover that Clary Fray can see him and his Shadowhunter friends, Isabelle and Alec Lightwood and a demon in Pandemonium Club in New York City. He becomes instantly intrigued by her, and ends up following her to ask her to come back to the institute to meet his tutor, Hodge Starkweather. Whilst having this conversation, Clary receives a call from her mother, and he follows her back to her apartment, where he finds Clary had killed a demon, with no Shadowhunter training. With demon poison in her blood, Clary passes out, and Jace takes her to the institute.

Jace quickly falls for Clary, much to the shock of everyone around him, and himself included. He can be mean to Clary, but it is only because he wants to protect her.


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