Jocelyn Fray

Jocelyn Fray (real last name Fairchild, married Morgenstern) is a ex-shadowhunter, and Clary’s mother.

Jocelyn is described as being elegant and beautiful, with red hair and green eyes that Clary inherited from her.


jocelyn and clary

Above is a drawing of Jocelyn and Clary. Credit: (amazing drawings)


Jocelyn will be played by Lena Headey.

Jocelyn is Clary’s mother, and is best friends with Luke Garroway. She protects Clary from the Shadow World using Magnus Bane to cast a spell on her every two years to erase Clary’s sight of the Shadow World. Jocelyn ran from her past in the Shadow World due to the elusive Valentine Morgenstern, who Jocelyn had a past with.


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