Luke Garroway

Luke Garroway is a werewolf who is a pack leader in New York City. Luke was originally a Shadowhunter, before he was bitten and turned into a werewolf.

Luke is described as having brown hair and blue eyes. Clary deems him as her father as he was the one who raised her.


Luke is portrayed by Aiden Turner.


When Luke was a Shadowhunter, he, like many others of his age, was part of The Circle. He was best friends with Jocelyn, and idolised Valentine. Although he secretly loved Jocelyn, he never told her, and she went on to marry Valentine.

One night, whilst paroling Idris with Valentine, Luke was bitten by a werewolf. Valentine was disgusted with Luke, and he gave him a dagger in which to kill himself with. Luke however, didn’t do this and joined a pack. Later, he went in search of Jocelyn, find her and Clary in New York. Although Jocelyn was thrilled to see him, she was frightened of Clary knowing anything to do with the Shadow World, and forced him to live elsewhere in the city.

Luke is the pack leader of the Manhattan pack.


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