Magnus Bane

Magnus Bane is a warlock within The Mortal Instruments Series.

Magnus is described as long and lean, however he isn’t skinny but lightly muscled. He is part Indonesian, part Dutch and half demon. Warlocks bear marks to distinguish themselves, Magnus has yellowy-green cat-eyes and no belly button as his marks.


Magnus Bane is portrayed by Godfrey Gao


Magnus’ age has not been confirmed, however, it is guessed that he is around 800 years old. He has had many romantic relationships in his long life, however is currently besotted with Alec Lightwood.

Magnus plays a part in both The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices.

Magnus’ style is very extravagant and bold. He often wears glitter around his eyes and wears lipstick. He often holds parties, and one held for his cat, Chairman Meow, is where the characters from The Mortal Instruments and himself meet, although, it is revealed he has watched Clary grow as a child, taking her memory of the Shadow World away from her as she had to visit him every 2 years for the spell he cast on her to work.


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