Maia Roberts

Maia is introduced to the story at the beginning of City of Ashes. She is part of Luke Garroway’s wolf pack.

She was bitten by her ex boyfriend, Jordan, who is also a werewolf.



Currently, nobody has been cast as Maia.

Maia Roberts is described as being a curvy bi-racial girl, with dark hair and dark eyes. Her hair is also described as wildly curly, often escaping from her braids she sometimes styles them in.

Maia doesn’t trust beautiful boys, which is why she distrusts and dislikes Jace when she first meets him. She also had a relationship with Jordan Kyle, who treated her well, however quickly became jealous and possessive over her. She broke up with him, however she made him jealous at a party, the night in which Jordan first changed into a werwolf, and he followed her, attacking her and making her change herself.


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