Robert Sheehan



The Mortal Instruments Movie

Robbie was cast back in July 2012 to play the role of Simon Lewis, Clary’s BFF, in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie.

Cassandra Clare was very pleased when she heard this news as she has wanted him to play Simon for a long time. We have her good friend, and co-writer of The Bane Chronicles, Sarah Rees Brennan to thank for this! Sarah took her Misfit DVDs on a writing trip she went on with Cassie and a few other of their author friends, and made Cassie watch them all.

So we have to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU, SARAH! As without you we may not have had the most perfect Simon 🙂image

Personal Life

Robbie is an Irish actor born 7th January 1988 in County Laois. He has 3 older brothers. He first became interested in acting in Primary School, in St. Paul’s in Portlaoise. He was in a few plays while at school throughout his career, like Oliver in “Oliver with a Twist” and more recently, starred in John Crowley’s production of J. M. Synge’s comic play “The Playboy of the Western World” at the Old Vic Theatre, London, which finished in November, 2011.


Most commonly known for his role as Nathan in the hit TV series “Misfits”. Robbie’s character ‘left’ after series 2 and in a lot of fans eyes, was the best character in the show.

Before “Misfits” came along, he had starred in a few movies and TV shows, like “Cherrybomb” which he starred opposite Rupert ‘Ron Wesley’ Grint. He was also in “Killing Bono”, a film about the childhood friends of the band U2, and how they also tried and failed to become as successful as their friends.

After “Misfits”, Robbie went on to star in a few more TV shows and films like a remake of “The Borrowers” where he played Spiller.

He was also in two episodes in series 2 of the amazing TV show “Accused” where he played a mentally ill teenager, Stephen Cartwright. Personally, I think his acting in this is definitely 1 of the greatest acting performances I’ve ever seen. He really put a lot into that character and it pays off.

He also starred in the TV series “Me and Mrs Jones” where he played Billy, a teenager in love with his best friends mum. Again, his performance was amazing but sadly the TV show was cut by the BBC after the 1st series.

More recently, Robbie has played a bit of a gangster in the Irish TV show “Love/Hate”. He played a character called Darren Tracey. So far I have not seen this as it’s not been aired in the UK, but apparently it has been picked up by Channel 5 and will be aired later this year.


Robbie talking a load of jibberish at the Jameson Empire Awards 2013 with HeyUGuysBlog

Robbie talking to Showbiz Geek about The Mortal Instruments and some other stuff

Funny moments with Robert Sheehan [X]




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