Cassie has announced a new trilogy that takes place in our beloved Shadowhunter world.

This will take place after the end of Clockwork Princess, from The Infernal Devices Series, but before the epilogue.

It will follow the characters of TID’s children.

So we will follow the lives of

James and Lucie Herondale
TLH james and lucie

Matthew Fairchild
TLH matt

Alistair and Cordelia Carstairs

Anna, Christopher, and Alexander Lightwood

Barabara, Eugenia, and Thomas Lightwood

Maybe see some Jesse Blackthorne

We will also be seeing the characters from TID, like Tessa, Will, Bro Z (AKA Jem), Magnus, Henry, Charlotte, etc return in TLH.

I personally don’t think my heart can take any more after The Epilogue in Clockwork Princess.

However I am so very excited to read some more about these amazing characters that stole our hearts, and their children.

It will be based in the early 1900’s, when the main characters will be around 16.

We will meet some of these new characters in The Bane Chronicles ‘The Midnight Heir’ which will be released in July 2013.


Here are some more pictures drawn by Cassandra Jean:

Will, Tessa and James

Will and James

James and Magnus

James Heronade and Matthew Fairchild – PARABATAI

James and Matt

Cordelia Carstairs and Lucie Herondale – PARABATAI

Cordelia and Lucie


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