Valentine Morgenstern

Valentine Morgenstern is the father of Jonathan Morgenstern and the later revealed father of Clary Fray.

Valentine is described as being a rather large man with white hair and black eyes.


Valentine is portrayed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers


Valentine is the founder of The Circle, an elite group of Shadowhunters who seek to eradicate the world of demons. However Valentines plan ran deeper than that, he intended to cleanse the earth of Downworlders such as vampires, warlock, werewolves and faeries.

He was also married to Jocelyn Fairchild (Fray) and had two children, Clary and Jonathan (who posed as Sebastian Verlac, and was then later know by that name). He also posed as the father of Jace for some time. He was also very close with Luke Garroway.


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